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We are tim&koko – new name, same people

Did you know? Our name is a tribute to Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, and Koko, the female gorilla who effortlessly communicated in sign language.

The name represents technology and communication on an equal footing – just like our working method.

But why did we decide to change our name in the first place? It’s a short story: A large corporation with the same name didn’t like our choice. We’d rather avoid the David versus Goliath scenario and take this as an opportunity to adopt a fresh name. We believe tim&koko perfectly fits our spirit and highlights the interplay between our technical know-how and personal communication with our customers.

And otherwise? Almost everything stays the same: We will continue to guide you and your team towards the cloud in a goal-oriented and personal manner. What’s new is that we are now a joint-stock company, and you can find us at

We are now a team of six at tim&koko. As our team grows, so does our expertise. Starting immediately, we can offer solutions in messaging and streaming with Kafka.

Want to know more?

Gladly. Reach out for a chat over coffee or beer – we look forward to it!

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